BillSniff 2.0

Sniffer, Sniffer Detector and Packet Generator in one program
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BillSniff is a powerful tool that fulfills needs of network administrators, network programmers and indeed all people who are interested in the very state of their networks.
BillSniff provides the functionality of a network protocol analyzer. It is able to capture and log network traffic without any losses, decode most popular protocols, show statistics in the context of protocols layers, IP connections, network interfaces statistics and port statistics. It also allows to define custom protocols and add them to analyzer engine as script files.
Moreover there exists a possibility of customizing the nature of captured network traffic through a complex set of filters which varies from specific protocols, IP and MAC addresses, ports numbers, packet size to defining advanced rules using special language.
Armed with BillSniff You are able to locate sniffing machines in Your network, using one of three methods: DNS lookup, ARP and ICMP tests. This unique composition of network analyzer and sniffer detector makes BillSniff extremely useful in detecting potential intruders.
BillSniff can also be used as packet generator. You can create custom packets using different wizards that will deal with arduous details like network order bytes or counting checksums.
BillSniff is also equipped with most popular network tools like ping, trace route and DNS resolver. They are fully customizable and provided with user friendly interface.
To make BillSniff a stable and fault tolerant solution in protocol analyzer marketplace, it has been equipped with Anomaly Detection mechanism. Every anomaly is being shown in Anomaly Tab with appropriate description, and if proper option is selected, also logged to disk. You can also send anomaly description to us using Report Error engine, if You consider an anomaly as a program error.
BillSniff can run on any windows machine (Win98/2000/XP/2003) ? and the whole functionality is available an all that systems.



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